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Alcopal Pill Claims to Help Beat DUI

There is a new pill on the market catching headlines and it’s called Alcopal. Its supplier, Arthur Kibble, sells them over the internet, at approximately $32 for a packet of twenty tablets. He claims that it allows the user to go over the legal limit for drinking and driving, without failing a breathalyser test. But how does it work and is it legal?

What Alcopal Claims To Do

For Alcopal to work, the pills must be consumed both before and after a drinking session. If this occurs, Mr Kibble claims that a standard breathalyser could read up to nine times lower than it would in normal circumstances and allow the user to drink up five pints of beer. The tablets, said to be made from herbal extracts and carbon, are able to accomplish this by preventing the absorption of alcohol through the stomach and into the bloodstream. By doing this, Mr Kibble claims that the pills protect both the liver and kidneys, and that the driver will be in greater control of their actions.

Why It Could Be Dangerous

If we assume that the pills ‘do what they say on the tin’, they could still be a massive threat to our road safety. For one, motor vehicles are highly dangerous and possibly lethal machines. It is not recommended to operate them after any intake of alcohol, either alongside the consumption of Alcopal pills, or staying below the legal limit.

Driving, and especially in the dark when these would be used most often, is a specialist skill. It requires concentration, good coordination and fast reactions – three skills that are impaired by any amount of alcohol. Experimenting with new, over the internet drugs that ‘allow’ greater amounts of alcohol consumption, is a dangerous prospect when combined with driving a vehicle, and could have potentially fatal consequences for you, your passengers and other motorists and pedestrians as well.

Every person’s body is different, whilst someone may feel fit to drive after one drink other motorists avoid alcohol entirely when driving as they know it will impair their driving ability. The Alcopal pill blurs the line at which someone knows they’re over the legal limit and without proper testing it can’t be confirmed whether these pills are effective for everyone every time they are taken.

Mr Kibble has strenuously denied that the pills are dangerous and that his lawyers have ensured the tablets are safe and legal. A recurring accusation against him is that by selling these pills, he is encouraging motorists to drink and drive. Whilst this may not be completely true, he is putting his trust in people, who have consumed more alcohol than they legally should, to drive safely and responsibly.

Whilst Alcopal may allow you to get around a breathalyser test, I fear that road safety laws may be a completely different prospect.

This article was written by Kevin Burns, who writes for Just Motor Law.

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